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These resources are not affiliated with the Sickle Cell Clinic or UNC Medical Center. They are helpful tools for patients to have available to them as needed.

North Carolina Specific Resources

Here are some local resources that connect you to services, information, and other organizations throughout the state of North Carolina.

  • Get connected to Sickle Cell Health Educators in your area. We work closely with NC Sickle Cell Health Educators, and you may even see them at your clinic appointment.
  • Bridges Point is an agency with services, resources and events to connect with your community regarding Sickle Cell.
  • Piedmont Health Services has a variety of resources such as free newborn screenings, case management and genetic counseling.
  • Sickle Cell Camp is an overnight camp available to those six to sixteen years old with SCD.

Local SCD Support Groups

Living with Sickle Cell is hard. If you want to connect with others living with sickle cell, here are some support groups to get involved with.

National Sickle Cell Resources