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Miriam Chicurel-BayardMiriam Chicurel-Bayard

BS, Guilford College
BSN, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Miriam is a clinical research coordinator and has been with our group since August 2010. Miriam has worked in a variety of different roles in multiple public health settings prior to joining our team. She currently assists in coordinating many studies which include but are not limited to HPTN 083, Emerald, START & GS-US-380-1489. In addition to her role as a coordinator, Miriam also assists in training and quality management for our group.

Phone #: (919) 843-9922



Matthew Newell

BA, Religion/East European Studies, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, 2006

BSN, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC, 2010

Matthew is a clinical research coordinator who joined our team in June 2018. Prior to working with our division he worked as a pediatric ICU nurse at UNC hospital for many years. We are excited to have Matthew join our team! He assists with HPTN 083, and will be taking on some of our CURE and industry-sponsored studies as well.

Phone #: (919) 843-6929


Erin HoffmanErin Hoffman

BS, James Madison University

Erin is a Research Specialist and has been with the IGHID since December 2010. She coordinates, as well as co-coordinates, a large number of studies, including but not limited to, EVADE, A5322, A5320, A5366, A5321 & A5332. Before joining our division, Erin worked in direct patient care at UNC hospital.

Phone #: (919) 843-0720


Jonathan OakesJonathan Oakes

BA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Jonathan is a Research Specialist, Team Leader, who has been with the IGHID since 2009. He coordinates and collaborates on a plethora of studies. He serves as Team Leader for the Unit’s support staff.

Phone #: (919) 966-6712