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Susan PedersenSusan Pedersen

BS, Washington State University

BSN University of Wisconsin

Susan Pedersen is clinical director of the IGHID and has been with the unit since 1997. Susan manages the daily operations of the IGHID, as well as represents the unit nationally in the ACTG network and provides training and mentorship to international researchers. Her research interests include clinical research implementation, international HIV trials, PMTCT, and ethics. She works primarily in Chapel Hill but also travels regularly to Malawi and Vietnam.

Phone #: (919) 966-6713


Tania Hossain Caravella

BA, Duke University
MPH, Boston University

Tania is the director for regulatory affairs for the Division of Infectious Diseases, and has worked with the ACTU since 2006. Tania’s duties include managing the regulatory affairs department, advising on ethical issues, and serving as a liaison with the IRB, FDA, study sponsors, and other regulatory bodies worldwide. She works in the US and with research sites in Malawi, Zambia, China, and South Africa.

Phone #: (919) 843-5301


Catherine Kronk

BA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Catherine is the data manager and has been with the IGHID since August 2008. Her job includes quality control and quality assurance of research records, creation of source documentation, and database maintenance.

Phone #: (919) 966-9629