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Adrian Austin, MD, MSCRC. Adrian Austin, MD, MSCR, was awarded a two-year, $500K, grant from the National Institute of Aging for his project, “Development and Assessment of Diagnostic Accuracy of a Telemedicine-Based Delirium Assessment Tool.”

The overarching objective of this project is to develop and establish the diagnostic accuracy of a telemedicine- based delirium assessment tool, the TELE-CAM. Delirium, an acute change in cognition and attention is associated with a variety of undesirable outcomes including increased in-hospital mortality, long-term cognitive decline that mimics dementia, and increased risk for institutionalization. Delirium is prevalent in the post-operative population, and prevalence increases with age. Recent work performed by Dr. Austin and his research team demonstrated that many subjects were discharged home with active delirium.

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