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NC MATTERS & Postpartum Support International Webinar

September 26, 2023

We recently teamed up with our friends at Postpartum Support International to offer a lunch & learn to healthcare professionals working in Eastern NC. We talked about perinatal mood & anxiety disorders and shared how our two programs can help patients and their providers who are seeking support. Find the recording here.

Maternal Suicide and Risk Assessment Toolkit

September 22, 2023

Suicide and overdose combined are the leading cause of maternal death in the first year following childbirth, accounting for up to 20% of maternal deaths that occur during the postpartum period (1, 2). Peak incidence is in the late postpartum period (9-12 months). (3)


September 22, 2023

We created this toolkit to assist front-line OBs and PCPs in the prevention, identification, and treatment of behavioral health concerns in pregnant and postpartum patients. This toolkit contains screening tools, algorithms, and clinical guidance which can be tailored to the specific practice environment.

Partner Support Guide

September 22, 2023

The NC MATTERS Partner Support Guide is available for download! This brief handout can be given to partners and loved ones who need support caring for someone dealing with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. It includes information about commonly requested resources across North Carolina, including QR codes for quick access to resources.

Billing Guide for Providers

September 21, 2023

TIP SHEET FOR PERINATAL CARE PROVIDERS | MAY 2023 Prenatal care providers who call NC MATTERS may be able to bill insurance and/or obtain RVUs for using our services. Provision of associated services or administration of related screening tools may also be billable services or garner further RVUs. Please see the table below for billing … Read more

HRSA: Outreach and Promotion Strategies for Engagement

July 20, 2023

Outreach and Promotion Strategies for Engagement “The Screening and Treatment for Maternal Depression and Related Behavioral Disorders (MDRBD) Program supports seven states in implementing programs that address maternal mental health conditions that often affect women during and after pregnancy. To advance the goals of the program, MDRBD awardees have developed promising approaches to successfully implementing … Read more