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The UNC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology ranked 3rd in the country in total NIH funding for 2018 and 2nd when it comes to departments within public schools of medicine.

This is according to a new report published by the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research. The UNC School of Medicine ranked 17th in the country in total NIH funding for 2018 and 6th among peer public universities. Read more.

UNC OB-GYN’s ranking is up from #5 last year.

“This ranking is indicative of how our department embraces the vision of our academic mission, which includes the leading-edge research that will provide better health outcomes for women in the years ahead,” says Dr. Daniel Clarke-Pearson, Robert A. Ross Professor and Chair of the department.

“We are also dedicated to our educational mission of recruiting and teaching the nation’s best bright minds as they become the health care providers of tomorrow and developing and supporting our young researchers and innovative faculty as they find solutions that can change women’s lives.”

Some examples of the work enabled by research funding in 2018 include investigating:

  • Enhanced treatment outcomes of women with opioid use in pregnancy
  • Impact of Zika virus in pregnancy
  • Reducing premature obstetrical delivery in women with HIV/AIDS
  • The epigenetics of pelvic pain and premature delivery
  • Worsened prognosis of ovarian and uterine cancer associated with obesity

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