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Dr. Jen Wu, Interim Chair, and Kelly Scurlock-Cross.

We extend our many congratulations to the winners of UNC OB-GYN’s 2019 Star Awards and the 2019 Staff Excellence Award.

Each year the department recognizes employees who are outstanding, committed, dedicated, dependable, have a positive and supportive attitude, and consistently exceed requirements and go beyond the usual expectation of their job requirements.

Kelly Scurlock-Cross, of the Division of General Obstetrics and Gynecology, received the 2019 Staff Excellence Award. One nomination noted she ‘consistently demonstrated every single one of the award criteria.’

Other nominations stated:

  • ‘An absolute breath of fresh air and joy to work with . . . Lucky to have her as part of our team, she truly elevates each and every one of us.’
  • ‘She has vast institutional knowledge, knows who to contact anytime something needs fixing, to find out a process, and solve workflow problems.’
  • ‘Far exceeds expectations.’
  • ‘Commitment to the mission of UNC and our division is unquestionable.’
  • ‘Excels at teamwork.’

The 2019 Star Award recipients are:

Laura Baron

Ashley Bolton

Sandra Ramos

Cheryl Thomas

Qiana Davis

Crystal Royal

Deborah Privette

Kia Barbee

Dawn Haywood

Michelle Dempsey

Christy Sullivan

Elizabeth Monk

Linda Holst

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