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Nature, the international weekly journal of science, recently featured UNC Eye Researcher Steven Gray, PhD in an article about scientists who specialize in uncommon diseases.

Steven Gray, PhD

An excerpt from the article:

Steven Gray used to spend long hours in the lab for the simple love of science. As a postdoctoral researcher, he was tinkering with a virus in search of ways to shuttle genes into nerve cells for gene therapy. Then, in 2008, his adviser sent him to a meeting held by a non-profit organization called Hannah’s Hope Fund, and Gray found a new inspiration.

Hannah’s Hope Fund is a charity based in Rexford, New York, that supports research on giant axonal neuropathy (GAN), a fatal nerve disorder. At the meeting, Gray met Hannah Sames, a clumsy four-year-old with tight curls and a sweet smile whose disease had inspired her parents to start the charity. He launched a GAN project after the meeting. “I looked at her and saw my own daughter,” says Gray, whose child was then also four. “Now I’m focused on finding a treatment, almost as I would for my own child.”

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