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UNC Eye is now offering a new custom-tailored solution for effective and predictable cataract removal.

Kenneth Cohen, MD
Dr. Cohen uses the CATALYS® Precision Femtosecond Laser System to treat a patient

UNC Eye MD, Dr. Kenneth Cohen has begun using the computer-controlled CATALYS® Precision Femtosecond Laser System to perform cataract removal surgery at the newly opened UNC Health Care Hillsborough Campus location.

Using the femtosecond laser to replace the least predictable and most technically demanding steps of conventional cataract procedures provides Dr. Cohen accurate, real-time visuals throughout the laser cataract surgery procedure, utilizing integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) and related software to capture and analyze precise, high-resolution images of the patient’s eye.

This leads to the following favorable outcomes:

  • More precision to remove a cataract to exact specifications.
  • Safer and less-intrusive than traditional manual surgery allowing for more accurate and effective steps such as: primary and secondary incisions; capsulorhexis; lens fragmentation and astigmatism correction.
  • Better overall outcomes with premium intraocular lenses (astigmatic correcting toric and multifocal to provide both distance and near vision without glasses) as the more precise, perfectly circular incision in the lens allows for more accurate and overall better positioning of the implanted lens.
    • Likely will result in better outcomes for patients receiving these intraocular lenses.
    • Will reduce potential need for repositioning after initial implantation.

For patients receiving a standard monofocal intraocular lens, Dr. Cohen can calculate the amount of astigmatism the patient will have after cataract surgery with the standard intraocular. If the degree of astigmatism falls within a range determined appropriate by Dr. Cohen, the femtosecond laser can be utilized to perform astigmatic keratotomy concurrent with the cataract procedure, which is a non-covered service.

Dr. Cohen explains this option to the patient and if they are interested, he performs astigmatic keratotomy with the femtosecond laser, which will further reduce the patients’ need for glasses post cataract surgery.

Using the laser, Dr. Cohen creates small incisions in the cornea to smooth out its shape better uncorrected vision at both distance and near without glasses to see fine details.

For more information on the CATALYS® precision femtosecond laser, click here.