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Mucin Interactome

Airway mucin interactome

Mucus is a strong polymer network. The contributions of mucins and other globular proteins, however, have not yet been fully elucidated. Read more
Spiromics Ancillary




SPIROMICS, (Subpopulations and intermediate outcome measures in COPD observational study). Our overall hypothesis, based upon our previous and ongoing studies, is that the molecular composition of the mucus and the concentration and macromolecular organization of its mucins are altered in the COPD environment. Read more
TCORS Project II


The Effects of Tobacco Exposure on the Airway Mucus/Mucin Integrity and Proteome: Determining the Tobacco Mucomarkers. Read more
Exosome-Like Vesicles Filtered Exosomes Our initial studies on the isolation of HTBE mucins and induced sputum indicated that isolated mucin rich fractions contain lipid/carbohydrate/protein rich vesicular/exosomal material. Further fractionation and preliminary proteomics analysis on these fractions revealed proteins characteristic of exosomes. Read More
Mucin Unpackaging

EM of mucin

Unpacking a gel forming mucins

Unpacking is a series of post-secretory processing steps that changes the mucin from a granular compact cross-linked form, to an expanded linear form that becomes the basis of the transportable mucus gel. Read More