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  • Composition with common food allergens including egg, milk, soya, peanuts, hazelnut, fish, seafood and wheat flour

    April 2024

    Xolair Q&A, CoFAR updates, and more!

  • A slice of bread with peanut butter and Jelly on top shaped like a heart with jars of PB and Jelly placed behind it
  • Boy Eating sandwich
  • Pig
  • Children in classroom eating
  • Springtime flower

    April 2021

    UNC Food Allergy Initiative E-Newsletter April 2021 Update on UNC Allergy Clinics and Research Despite early concerns over COVID-19 and its implications on our ability to conduct visits with our research participants, we have implemented several safety checks and measures to ensure we can continue to keep our participants on track and maintain the safety … Read more

  • Beach ball in pool

    August 2020

    UNC Food Allergy Initiative E-Newsletter August 2020 Update on UNC Allergy Clinics and Research¬† It has never been a better time to be tech savvy! Routine allergy visits for the UNC Health Systems adult and pediatric clinics have mostly been converted to video or telephone visits to ensure continuity of care during this time. All … Read more