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Welcome to the Pharmacology Department!

Henrik Dohlman, PhD Sanford Steelman Distinguished Professor and Chair

Our Graduate program is dedicated to the training of outstanding scientists in the pharmacological sciences. An outstanding graduate program is our priority!

Our faculty participate fully on all levels with a great diversity of research areas available.

We lead in education and research: we consistently rank in the top tier in NIH funding with a global science ranking of #2 in the World in pharmacology!

Carolina ranked as top college value in public education 16 times!


Featured News

Roth Leads $26.9 Million Project to Create Better Psychiatric Medications

Posted 2 months ago

Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a team of internationally acclaimed researchers led by UNC School of Medicine’s Bryan L. Roth, MD, PhD, aims to create new medications to effectively and rapidly treat depression, anxiety, and substance abuse without major side effects.

Ubiquitin chain-elongating enzyme UBE2S activates the RING E3 ligase APC/C for substrate priming

Posted 3 months ago

Congratulations to Pharmacology graduate student Raquel C. Martinez Chacin, who is first author on a paper published in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology Journal! The paper by the Brown Lab in collaboration with the Emanuele Lab, Jean Cook lab, and other researchers at UNC and the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Vienna was published May 11, 2020!

A New Tool to Map the Flow of Info within Living Cells

Posted 3 months ago

UNC School of Medicine researchers led by Klaus Hahn, PhD, John Sondek, PhD, and Daniel Marston, PhD, and colleagues at the University of Texas Southwestern reveal the inner workings of cellular communication and processes important for cell migration and potentially metastasis.

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