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Support the Undergraduate Research Experience

Make a Gift to UNC Pharmacology's Carolina Summer Fellowship Program to support deserving students like Ahnyah Phillips, who is interviewed in this video.
CSFP alumni, Ahnyah Phillips, talks about her experience in the CSF Program.

Do you remember your first “hands-on” laboratory experience? For many, the experience was transformative. For those who have gone on to careers as biomedical researchers, there is almost nothing more rewarding than mentoring a young scientist. That’s why we are asking you to make a gift to support a student for one summer in our undergraduate research program.

Since 1984 the UNC Pharmacology Carolina Summer Fellows Program (CSFP) has provided transformative research experiences to highly qualified college students from across the nation.

Participants conduct laboratory experiments, attend professional development events, and enjoy social gatherings throughout the summer. Many of these individuals go on to earn a PhD as well as distinguished careers as educators and researchers.

Make a Gift to Support Outreach

In recent years the program has gained visibility nationwide through partnerships to recruit outstanding undergraduates from diverse backgrounds, including students in the Undergraduate Health Sciences Academy at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Many of our own PhD students are alumni of the CSFP. Others have gone on to leading programs at Duke, Yale, Harvard, Penn, Johns Hopkins, Texas, Michigan, and California, just to name a few.

Last year several alumni allowed us to share their experiences: View their videos.

Now we need your help to continue our outreach and support for deserving students.

Make a Gift Through Matching Funds

Make a Gift to UNC Pharmacology's Carolina Summer Fellowship Program to support deserving students like CSFP alumni, Joseph Fonseca, who is interviewed in this video.
CSF alumni, Joseph Fonseca, talks about his experience in the CSF Program.

Partial funding for the CSFP is shared by the department and by a grant from the pharmacology professional society ASPET. Matching funds, currently $4000, must come from the host laboratory or an outside donor. In this time of limited grant funding, it is these matching contributions that are the most difficult to secure. Indeed, this is the single biggest barrier to expanding our reach.

Generous donors, including the Sanford Steelman Family, the estate of the late Professor Ron Thurman, and Professor Emeritus Ken Harden (long time director of the CSFP) have made substantial gifts to the department in support of the program.

Will You Sponsor a Student?

We are asking for your financial help to keep the CSFP strong through a one time gift, by sponsoring a student for the summer.

For those able to do more, we are soliciting donations for one or more $50K or $100K CSFP Legacy Funds, which will be invested and would provide half or full support for a student every summer, into perpetuity.

Will you make a gift? Please GIVE NOW to the Pharmacology – Education and Research (303092) fund.

We are so thankful for your generous gift.

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