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Dr Christine Lathren, MD, MSPH, UNC Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Dr Karen Bluth, PhD, UNC Department of Psychiatry received the NC TraCS $2K Stakeholder Engagement Voucher for their study: Engaging Stakeholders to Tailor Mindful Self-Compassion Programming for Transgender Adolescents.


This project will engage a group of stakeholders who are in the trans community or work with transgender teens to provide input on tailoring an existing mindful self-compassion program for teens to meet the needs and unique experiences of transgender and gender expansive teens. The results will inform the protocol for a current grant from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, PI Bluth, Co-I Lathren. In this study, up to 45 transgender teens from across the US will participate in the mindful self-compassion program via Zoom. The primary aim of this study is to reduce suicidality and improve well-being for participants.