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Minor refurbishing to existing suites (paint, re-carpet, replace a light, etc) can be accomplished by calling in a work order directly to UNC Facilities Services at 919-962-3456, or go to and click on Request Services.

Furnishings and routine equipment can be updated, replaced, and purchased through state-approved purchasing process using qualified vendors. The Planning Office also maintains a furniture inventory for temporary or supplemental use. For assistance with furniture and equipment orders, contact the Planning Office.

More extensive renovation and new construction projects include all those involving changes to walls, doors, and building support systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air, specialized equipment serving labs, etc.). These are managed and documented through the Planning Office, working with university, hospital and outside technical resources. Our office works to ensure your project goals are achieved, but also that we maintain compliance with local/state/federal regulations, a safe environment, minimal disruption to operations, and adherence to standards for cost-efficiency, design and construction. Major project budgets and procurements are managed through the UNC Facilities Services Division, per state regulations.

Undertaking a large renovation or new construction project is a large effort for any department. The Planning Office can walk you through the steps involved, set up appropriate resources for implementation, and help you make informed decisions throughout the project.

Funding to improve existing facilities is generally paid for by departments and centers. Building system and common area repairs are generally funded by SOM and/or UNC administration. More extensive renovations can be sponsored by individual department or center funding sources, by School of Medicine Administration, or through the state-sponsored capital projects process.