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UNC now offers multiple research studies for pregnant and postpartum mothers.

Research Studies for Pregnant Women

Sleep and Bright Light Therapy for Depression in Pregnancy Research Study

Our team is seeking pregnant volunteers (between the ages of 18 and 40) who are experiencing symptoms of depression for a research study investigating whether bright light and sleep therapy can reduce/prevent postpartum depression.

For more information, please contact:

Jamie Steed at (919)-962-4798

Pregnant woman lying down

Baby Brain Development Research Study

Help us learn more about early development of baby brain and behavior.

UNC researchers are recruiting pregnant women for a research study of mothers and babies from 3rd trimester of pregnancy to 1 year after baby is born.

We will study 3 groups of babies. These groups are based on their mothers’ use of substances any time during pregnancy:

1. Mothers who used cocaine during pregnancy (alone or with other substances).
2. Mothers who used other substances but did not use cocaine during pregnancy. These substances may include tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, or others.
3. Mothers who did not use any tobacco, alcohol, opiates, or illegal substances during pregnancy.

***All information collected is confidential***

Participation includes:

  • Visit for Mom in 3rd trimester of pregnancy
  • Brain Imaging (MRI) of sleeping infant’s brain
    • MRI is a safe way to get brain images with NO radiation or X-ray
    • NO sedation or separation from your infant is necessary
  • Interviews, questionnaires & substance use screenings for mom
  • Lab visits for mom and baby

Earn up to $420.00 for full participation

Free Parking or transportation to UNC for study visits

If interested, please contact:

UNC Mother Infant Research Studies
Phone: 919-843-3419