The Robin Postpartum Depression Study

Mother with sad expression holding newborn

The Robin Study is a research study evaluating an investigational medication in women with postpartum depression (PPD).

To qualify, you must be age 18‐45, have given birth within the last 6 months, and are experiencing postpartum depression symptoms that began no earlier than the 3rd trimester and no later than the first 4 weeks after delivery.

All study‐related care will be provided at no cost. Transportation may be provided for those who require assistance. Subjects will receive compensation for their time. To see if you may qualify, please call Holly at 919-445-0218, Jamie at 919-962-4798 or visit

PPD ACT Welcome screenPPD ACT Research App

PPD ACT is a research app for women who have ever experienced postpartum depression (PPD) or psychosis (PPP.) The goal of the study is to improve detection, treatment and prevention of PPD and PPP by finding the genetic basis of these disorders. Women who participate will download the PPD ACT app, fill out questionnaires and if eligible, submit a saliva sample.

You may be eligible to join if you:

• Are female aged 18 or above
• Have had a live birth
• Have an iOS or Android device

For more information, find us on the web at, Twitter @pactforthecure, Facebook @PPDACT, email or find the app in the iTunes or Google Play store by searching “PPD ACT”.