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The Department of Radiation Oncology was again well-represented at the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting June 2-6, 2017 in Chicago. The ASCO Annual Meeting brings together more than 30,000 oncologists and other oncology professionals to discuss state-of-the-art cancer treatments, new treatments, cutting edge research, and ongoing controversies in the oncology field.

Radiation Oncology residents Drs. Daniel Lindsay and Kevin Pearlstein were first authors on two poster presentations – with fellow residents Drs. Joe Caster and Kyle Wang as co-authors – on the topics of the use of circulating tumor cells in the blood to monitor treatment response in patients receiving radiation therapy for oligometastatic disease, and cardiovascular disease and preventive care in cancer survivors.

Daniel Lindsay (2016) Kevin Pearlstein (2015).jpeg

UNC faculty radiation oncologists were also authors or co-authors of an additional four presentations. Dr. Bhisham Chera‘s presentation on “Two-year clinical outcomes of de-intensified chemoradiotherapy for low-risk HPV-associated oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma” was selected for inclusion at the Best of ASCO®︎ short course in Orlando, FL, that highlights the most important presentations and educational updates from the Annual Meeting.