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Goal: To develop a novel multi-pixel single cell microbeam irradiation system that can irradiate many individually selected single cells or cellular regions simultaneously or in a time sequence under microscope observation.

Sha Chang (PI), Jian Zhang, Eric Schreiber, Adrienne Cox, David Borldelon*, Otto Zhou*;
*Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

We use carbon nanotube field emission technology to develop new irradiation devices to meet the needs of high spatial and temporal resolution yet compact cellular irradiation devices suitable for average biology laboratories.  The proposed system promises simultaneous irradiation of many individually selected cells or cellular regions under microscope observation.  Recently, we have successfully developed the first prototype device and calibrated its 30keV electron beam Radiation dosimetry.  We have validated the prototype system by cell irradiation and observation of the expected DNA damage.

CNT Dose Distribution

Dose distribution of the single-pixel CNT cellular irradiation system.  The insert is the Si3Ni4 vacuum and electron window.

CNT Prototype

Prototype single-pixel CNT field emission cellular irradiation system design.