Below are the strategic priorities and initiatives for diversity and inclusion. Each point underneath a numerated strategic priority is an initiative and will guide us to become the top in diversity and inclusion:

1. Build a more diverse community reflective of those we serve

  • Align efforts toward the recruitment and support of diverse groups within our community across the pipeline of students and trainees, faculty and staff, extending up to SOM leadership
  • Identify and address root causes of attrition and lower rates of diversity along pipeline
  • Invest to make UNC SOM nationally competitive in recruiting/retaining top candidates
  • Centralize diversity recruiting for GME training programs
  • Provide central support for departmental search committees

2. Cultivate an environment that promotes a more inclusive culture

  • Incorporate D&I topics into education (e.g., grand rounds, medical school curriculum)
  • Improve visibility around diversity: recognition of holidays, signage, other
  • Enhance SOM communication and engagement around D&I topics (e.g., community discussions)
  • Educate across the community to address bias and recognize structural issues preventing opportunity and inclusion

3. Strengthen institutional infrastructure and systems to support D&I efforts, e.g.,

  • Establish diversity officers in every department, with clear responsibilities and dedicated time
  • Modernize institutional support for underrepresented minority premedical and medical school students
  • Standardize review of diversity efforts/achievements, including annual chair evaluations
  • Improve collection and reporting of data to guide/measure D&I efforts