Below are the strategic priorities and initiatives for faculty affairs. Each point underneath a numerated strategic priority is an initiative and will guide us to become the top in faculty affairs:

1. Establish UNC as a leader in faculty wellness and engagement

  • Enhance the efficiency of practice and address administrative/other burdens contributing to faculty stress
  • Track markers of institutional climate and faculty satisfaction and wellness and take appropriate action to address results
  • Expand and innovate mechanisms to address physician and faculty burnout
  • Optimize consistently-delivered, high-quality mentoring within and across departments and disseminate best practices
  • Design and provide best-in-class quality-of-life benefits supporting faculty wellness and engagement
  • Promote UNC SOM for wellness programming through increased scholarship and leadership nationally

2. Foster an institutional climate in which faculty thrive professionally in their careers, and within particular subpopulations

  • Expand and increase awareness of opportunities available for professional development, including across regional campuses
  • Enhance mechanisms for annual reviews across all faculty ranks, including department chairs; normalize a culture of feedback
  • Bolster existing resources to ensure consistent/clear messaging related to appointments, promotion, and tenure
  • Work with Office of Education to enhance reach and effectiveness of Academy of Educators and other relevant programs
  • Develop additional strategies to address specific faculty subpopulations with distinctive support and career development needs (e.g., fixed-term faculty, teaching cadre, physician-scientists, other)

3. Enhance leadership development programming across the faculty career lifecycle

  • Expand opportunities available for leadership development, including across regional campuses
  • Connect emerging leaders and program graduates to leadership opportunities (e.g., rotating committee involvement)
  • Formalize a coaching program that capitalizes on existing strengths and expands leadership effectiveness across SOM