Below are the strategic priorities and initiatives for administration and infrastructure. Each point underneath a numerated strategic priority is an initiative and will guide us to become the top in administration and infrastructure:

1. Improve communication effectiveness and nimbleness, both internally and externally

  • Develop effective and transparent internal communications by determining how best to reach internal audiences, evaluate effectiveness of existing mechanisms, and establish new mechanisms if necessary
  • Develop national news strategy to promote faculty, programs and SOM, as an international university with global impact
  • Coordinate news and social media outreach among the various UNC entities

2. Substantially increase philanthropic support for the UNC School of Medicine and UNC Hospitals

  • Align fundraising priorities with the strategic goals and needs of the organization
  • Strengthen partnerships between UNC Medicine Development and key SOM leaders to ensure trusted partnership
  • Assess, generate and disseminate data that informs and drives strategic fund raising decisions

3. Consolidate and modernize UNC SOM’s financial services, from budgeting to reporting

  • Implement a consolidated budget and financial planning process that incorporates all of the missions and achieves a unified SOM review and approval process – “OneBudget”
  • Develop long-term financial planning strategies that reflect the financial expectations required to deliver on the strategic plan of the organization, positioning it to provide adequate cash flow and performance
  • Enhance current financial reporting capabilities to enable access to financial information anytime, anywhere, from any device

4. Provide best-in-class administrative support via a highly-qualified and empowered workforce and state-of-the-art resources

  • Ensure HR is equipped and empowered to provide expertise and resources to recruit/retain the most highly-qualified personnel
  • Deliver creative and innovative IT services to empower students/faculty/staff to advance research, education, and patient care
  • Initiate a medical campus master planning process to enable more strategic use of space