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Congratulations to Daniel Kindell, MD, PGY2, Kevin Chen, MD, PGY2, along with Staci Aubry, PGY 4 General Surgery Residents. They have been nominated as Friends of the SICU at UNC Health.

Daniel Kindell, MD

Daniel Kindell’s nominator remarked, “Dan has great rapport with patients, families, and staff. He has a dedicated work ethic and is smart as a whip. Dan was always engaged with patient care and helpful. He was a pleasure to work with! We wish he was in SICU all year!”

Kevin Chen, MC

Kevin Chen’s nominator remarked, “Kevin is so nice and professional! He is kind and hardworking. He listens to the nurses and all of our concerns. He does thorough assessments and is open to our ideas and input!”

Staci Aubry, MD

Staci Aubry’s nominator remarked, “Staci is constantly saving lives and helping staff. Staci is kind, thoughtful and intelligent! She is the perfect blend of fun, professional,
smart, hardworking and kind”.

We are so proud of our fantastic residents for all of their hard work, diligence, and compassion.