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Amanda E. Nelson
Amanda E. Nelson, MD, MSCR, RhMSUS

Dr. Amanda Nelson’s appointment is in the Division of Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology and she is a faculty member in the Thurston Arthritis Research Center.

Dr. Nelson is a board-certified internist and rheumatologist, and is certified in musculoskeletal ultrasound. Her research focuses on imaging in osteoarthritis (OA), novel methodologies for analysis including machine learning, and assessment of whole-body burden of OA. She has received funding from the CDC, Rheumatology Research Foundation, and NIH, and particularly enjoys mentoring trainees at all levels. She is the co-PI of the Johnston County OA Project and Johnston County Health Study,  Director of the Phenotyping and Precision Medicine Resource Core of the UNC Core Center for Clinical Research (CCCR), and Medical Director of the OA Action Alliance.