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OAC April 2024 IssueThe 30-year anniversary issue of Osteoarthritis and Cartilage is out now (Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, Volume 32, Issue 4). This issue highlights several publications from TARC faculty and staff. See the list below for more information and read the full issue online here.

                1. Aging and the emerging role of cellular senescence in osteoarthritis
                  Diekman BO and Loeser RF, pp 365 – 371
                2. A public health approach to osteoarthritis in the United States
                  Ambrose KR, Huffman KF, Odom EL, Foster AL, Turkas N, Callahan LF, pp 406 – 410
                3. Looking back on 30+ years of the Johnston County Osteoarthritis Project while looking forward with the Johnston County Health Study: A narrative review
                  Golightly YM, Renner JB, Helmick CG, Jordan JM, Nelson AE, pp 430 – 438