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Dr. Taylor’s research will be focused on studies to understand how post-translational modification of proteins, including protein phosphorylation, regulates chondrocyte signaling in osteoarthritis.

The Carolina Post-Doctoral Program for Faculty Diversity is one of the oldest programs of its type in the country.  It is a robust diversity-focused recruiting tool that enables UNC to provide 2-year research fellowships to recipients, many of whom are later hired by UNC as faculty members.

“This is a wonderful program because it allows post-docs to focus on the areas of research that are of particular interest to them, and provides two years of dedicated time to enable them to further their research so they can be competitive for a faculty position,” said Richard Loeser, Director of the Thurston Arthritis Research Center.

Dr. Taylor’s home department will be the Department of Cell Biology and Physiology, which is sponsoring him for this award.