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This kit is for you to collect a sample of your first morning urine on the day of your study visit, store it, and transport it to your appointment.

Please put the freeze packs in the freezer as soon as you receive this urine collection kit.

First Morning Urine
The first morning urine is the urine you void when you get up for the day. If you get up during the night, it is not necessary to catch that urine. You can wait until you get up for the day.

For women who work night shift, your first morning urine will be the urine you void after you slept during the day. For example, if you get off work at 7:00am and sleep from 10:00am to 6:00pm, your first morning urine will be the first urine you void when you wake up for the day at 6:00pm.

Kit Supplies:
1. Insulated transport bag
2. Urine collection cup and biohazard bag
3. Cup label
4. Freeze packs
5. Cervical Mucus Monitoring Brochure

Collection Instructions:
1. The night before your study visit, remove the empty urine collection cup from the kit and place it in the bathroom for the next day’s collection.
2. On the day of your study visit, collect your first morning urine in the urine collection cup.
3. Fill the urine collection cup only to 4/5 full. Pour out any extra urine if it is above 4/5 full.
4. Close the cap tightly and swirl the cup 5 times.
5. Write the collection date on the label, day of menstrual cycle (2, 3, or 4), and circle if it is your first morning urine or not. Your Study ID will be pre-labeled.

Label Example:

If you collected your first morning sample on March 2, 2010 and this was the 2nd day of your menstrual period, write “3/2/10” for Date, “2” for Day of Menstrual Period, and circle “Yes” for First Morning Urine. Put the label on the collection cup.

Urine Cup Label

If you forget to collect the first morning urine, you may collect a later sample that same day. Be sure to circle NO for first morning urine.

Urine Label NO

6. Store the urine sample in your refrigerator. Do not freeze your urine.
7. Transporting your urine: After collection, seal the urine cup tightly and place it upright in the biohazard bag provided. Then, place the biohazard bag and freezer packs in the insulated transport bag. Zip the insulated transport bag shut.
8. Please don’t forget to take your urine sample with you when you leave the house. Thank you, and we’ll see you soon!