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Chapel Hill – UNC Women’s Hospital

Study visit and ultrasound appointments in Chapel Hill will be at Clinic A of the UNC Women’s Hospital. Parking is available in the Dogwood Deck. You can find directions to the Dogwood Deck here.

Clinic A is located on the First Floor of the Women’s Hospital. From the entrance of the Women’s Hospital lobby, take the escalators (located next to the Information Desk) to the first floor. At the top of the escalators, turn left. Around the corner will be the front desk of Clinic A.
101 Manning Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Raleigh – Rex Hospital

Study visits in Raleigh can be held at the UNC Specialty Women’s Clinic at the Rex Hospital Women’s Center. Free parking is available at the Women’s Center Parking Deck next to the Rex Women’s Center.

The UNC Specialty Women’s Clinic is located on the First Floor of the Rex Women’s Center. From the lobby of the center, take the stairs to the first floor. The UNC Specialty Women’s Clinic is the first door to the right on the first floor.
4420 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, NC 27607

Raleigh – UNC Fertility Main Office

Study visit and ultrasound appointments can be held at the UNC Fertility Main Office in Brier Creek. Free parking is available outside of the UNC Fertility building.

UNC Fertility is located in Suite 300 of the office building. From the lobby of the building, take the elevator to the Third Floor. Suite 300 is directly to the left of the elevator on the third floor.
7920 ACC Blvd., Suite 300, Raleigh, NC 27617