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Between March 21st and March 25th all School of Medicine WordPress websites will be migrating to a new, cloud hosting environment. This migration should be seamless to your website visitors.

If your website is affected by this  migration, you will see a large notice that says “Upcoming Migration” in the dashboard of your website when you are logged in.

How this affects you

Please do not update your website between March 21st and March 25th because any updated content will not be migrated. If you need to update your website during this migration window, you will need to reenter the new content or edits after the migration is complete.

Important information about web forms

Form entries should transfer over smoothly but it is always best to have a backup. We suggest you create a backup of all forms by following the Exporting Form Entries directions.

Deactivating your forms

You should also deactivate your forms during the migration window. If you choose not to deactivate the forms, any entries submitted during the migration will not carry over to the migrated version of the website (entries before or after the migration will not be affected).

To deactivate the form, go to your site’s Dashboard, navigate to Forms, and toggle them off.

Toggle forms off

If you have multiple forms, you can bulk deactivate them by selecting the checkbox to select all and in the Bulk Actions drop-down menu, choose Mark as Inactive, as shown below.

Select all checkbox
Bulk Action dropdown display


Once deactivated, your forms will merely disappear from the page that their shortcode is on. When the migration window closes, you can toggle them back on and they will reappear.