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Basic Functions – Adding and Editing Content

 Web Standards & Policies

  • Logos/Branding
  • Page Style Guide
  • Color Palette
  • Guide to Internal & External Communications
  • Web Security Policy
  • Web Accessibility

 Getting Started

  • Request a School of Medicine website
  • Accessing your WordPress site
  • Using the WordPress Admin Panel
  • Navigating the admin panel
  • Using the WordPress toolbar


  • Posts vs. pages in WordPress
  • When to Use Pages
  • Creating Pages, etc.

 Styling Content

  • Formatting Content on Posts and Pages
  • Quick Shortcuts to Format Text


  • Inserting images, files, video


 Posts (News)

  • Understanding Posts
  • Posts vs. pages in WordPress
  • Creating a New Post
  • The Post Editor, etc.
  • Categories Vs Tags


  • Enable the Events Calendar Plugin
  • Create an event
  • Add an Event

RSS Feeds


  • Main campus’ documentation about primary navigation
  • User Friendly Navigation
  • Creating and Customizing Menus
  • Combining Custom Menus and Widgets
  • Building Left-hand Navigation

Site Customizations


Advanced Content and Site Management

 White Coat Theme


Banners & Sliders

People Directory


Easy Bootstrap Plugin

  • multi-columns
  • accordions
  • buttons, etc.




  • Enable Gravity Forms plugin
  • Add a basic form
  • Create advanced fields for the contact form
  • Customizing form settings, etc.

Search Functionality

 Sharing & Permissions

  • User Roles
  • Add New Users


HTML Email / Newsletters