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Student Government Co-Presidents
Amir Feinberg and Othmane Jadi

Individualization Phase Officers


Individualization Phase Co-Presidents
Alexa Holloway and Alexis Flen

Individualization Phase Chief Advocate
Liz Ciociola

Senior VP Education Development 
Beyla Patel

Senior VP Financial Affairs
Lucas Nielson

Senior VP for Diversity and Campus Affairs
Sophia McFarlane

Senior VPs Curriculum Affairs
Alicia Anderson and Delaney Dalldorf

Application Phase Officers

Application Phase Co-Presidents 
Rayad Shams and Isaac Sluder

Application Phase Chief Advocate
Annmarie Wang

Central Campus AHEC Liasons
Yoshiko Iwai and Landon Larabee


Charlotte AHEC Liaison
Deveney Franklin

Raleigh AHEC Liaison
Arvind Sivashanmugam

Asheville AHEC Liaison
Sarah Holdren


Greensboro AHEC Liaison
Jessica Blanks


Wilmington AHEC Liaison
Maria del Mar Melendez

Foundation Phase Officers

Foundation Phase Co-Presidents 
Kristel Black and Kimberly Fernandez

Foundation Phase Chief Advocate 
Michala Patterson

VP of Diversity and Campus Affairs
Khar Dieng-Diatta

VP of Education Development
Emmy Feng

VP of Community Service
Adelaide Cooke

VP of Research and Publications
Ria Das

VP of Advertising and Outreach
Connor Willis-Hong


VPs of Curriculum Affairs
Claire Namboodri and Mike Mohnasky

VP of Financial Affairs
Charlie Roethling


VPs of Student Affairs 
Austin Coale and Joanmarie Lewandowski


VPs of Student Recruitment 
Justice Obasohan and Alan Zhao

VP of Information Technology
Leah Adams