Training Opportunities

Providers are in a unique position to help in early identification of victims of interpersonal violence by asking about violence in their lives.

The Beacon Program can provide a wide variety of trainings for your staff-just give us a call at 984-974-0470.

Other training resources:

For child abuse

For child exposure to domestic abuse

For domestic abuse

Screening for domestic abuse

For sexual assault

      • Sexual Assault in Later Life: Strategies for Health Care Providers

Note: you will have to create a password to sign in to access the training 

For elder abuse

For human trafficking

1. Video trainings for providers:

You can present this material at a meeting or series of meetings, and/or invite providers  to view the videos privately.

The “Slide Deck” at the end is a Power Point presentation about assessing and intervening with Child Sex Trafficking cases.

2.)  National Human Trafficking Resource Center’s Training for Healthcare Professionals:

3.)  Rescue and Restore video: “Look Beneath the Surface”  Can be used for presentations/trainings—gives a general overview of Human Trafficking.

4.)  Rescue and Restore: You can order excellent, free brochures, wallet and coat cards, and posters for health care providers (in multiple languages):   These can be distributed to front-line providers.

5.)  Rescue and Restore Resource Guide;  Goes in depth on available resources.

6.)  Office on Trafficking in Persons Fact Sheets:

7.)  Health clinic video that can be used in presentations/trainings: 

8.)  PEDS Human Trafficking webinar series from Children’s Hospital of Atlanta:

9.)  Concealable cut & fold Leaflet for possible Human Trafficking victims. Victims are often in denial. This leaflet allows patients to assess and decide for themselves (from Give Way to Freedom):