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The University of North Carolina (UNC) Hospitals Beacon Program provides comprehensive, coordinated care to UNC Health Care System’s patients, families, and employees experiencing a variety of interpersonal abuse. It includes services for children, victims of domestic abuse, or intimate partner violence (IPV), human trafficking, sexual assault, and the elderly and vulnerable populations. The program provides medical and psychological assessments, brief supportive counseling, and education for patients, employees and staff. Any patient who has experienced physical abuse, threats, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or other violence is eligible.

Services can be provided at all UNC Hospitals and clinics in person or by phone.

Our Goal: To provide services that help break the generational cycle of family violence, to promote continued education for staff and provide trauma-informed patient care.

Helping Our #MeToo Patients

In the past few months, almost five million people from all walks of life have opened up on Twitter, using the hashtag #MeToo about past experiences of sexual harassment, assault, domestic violence, and childhood abuse. Others have shared their experiences through other forms of social media or had conversations with family, friends, and co-workers.

Many of our patients have or could say “Me too” when asked about past or current abuse and violence in their lives. As a part of our commitment to caring, UNC Health Care should always be a safe place for any patient to disclose any trauma that they have experienced, particularly those that may interfere with their health goals. The Beacon Program is available to help any patients, family members of patients, and employees who have been impacted by intimate partner and family violence. We can always be reached at 984-974-0470.

Beacon Program Services

  • Evaluation
  • Brief counseling
  • Support
  • Consultations
  • Medical evaluations (child abuse)
  • Information and resources about intimate partner and family violence
  • Referrals


  • Beacon program staff are located at the UNC Medical Center but can provide most of our services to any UNC Healthcare site.