Each 1 credit module investigates principles and mechanisms of signal transduction and cell proliferation control with an emphasis on in-depth discussion of current literature and unanswered questions in the field.  Modules are team-taught with major themes selected by the instructors each year.  Themes include protein kinases, GTPases, cell cycle control, signaling specificity and feedback (networks), tumor suppressors and oncogenes, signaling in development and stem cell biology etc.  Enrollment is by permission of each module leader.  Classes meet Tues/Thurs for 90 minutes each for a total of 5 weeks per module, and modules are taught consecutively.  Class time and location will be determined by registered participants’ schedules.  (Note that this course replaces CBIO 644, Spring “SuperCell”)

Themes and module leaders for Spring 2014

PHCO 743 - Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling: Signaling Networks
Topics covered include design principles, signaling motifs, signaling specificity, cross regulation, customized signaling circuits, and transcription factor networks.

Goals in this module:

•    Acquire the scientific vocabulary of the signaling network field
•    Master key concepts from mathematical characterization of signaling circuits 
•    Develop and apply critical analysis skills

Dates: Jan 9 - Feb 11
Course directors: Beverly Errede,  and Tim Elston,

PHCO 744 - Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling: Stem Cells and Development 
This graduate-level course addresses key issues in developmental biology with a focus on the role of stem cells. This will include an understanding of key developmental switches leading to diverse cell types. Experimental systems to be studied include human stem cells as well as mouse, zebrafish, and Drosophila model systems. Cell types to be explored include iPS and ES cells, the nervous system, epidermis, and cardiovascular system. The role of stem cells in human oncogenesis, and their therapeutic use in human disease will be discussed. The class format combines lectures and in-class discussion of assigned readings selected from both seminal works and recent articles.

Dates: Feb 13 - Mar 25
Course director: Stephen Crews,

Themes and module leaders from Spring 2013

PHCO 740 - Contemporary topics in cell signaling: phosphorylation control

Dates: Jan 10 - Feb 12
Course director: Lee Graves, lmg@med.unc.edu
Student services manager: Kathy Justice, kathy_c_justice@med.unc.edu

PHCO 741 - Contemporary topics in cell signaling: GTPases

Dates: Feb 14 - Mar 26
Course director: John Sondek, sondek@med.unc.edu
Student services manager
: Kathy Justice, kathy_c_justice@med.unc.edu

BIOC 742 - Contemporary topics in cell signaling: cell cycle control

Dates: Mar 28 - Apr 30
Course director: Jean Cook, jean_cook@med.unc.edu
Student services manager
: Lisa Philippie, ldh@med.unc.edu