department photo of unc biochemistry and biophysics in 2018

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Why Join Biochemistry and Biophysics?

Student Leadership and Innovation

Student elected positions to coordinate social events and advise on curriculum changes
Annual meetings with department chair and director of graduate studies to provide feedback on training
Special student-led seminars

Social Events 

Monthly happy hour on and off campus
Monthly Bagel Hour
Annual department retreat
Thanksgiving potluck
December holiday party
Spring UNC baseball game
BCBP incoming student celebration
End-of-the-year research talks

Seminar Series:
Seminars held every Tuesday by faculty invited speakers

BCBP student seminar series held every Thursday for students to develop their oral presentation skills in a relaxed environment.

Stimulating Coursework/Flexible Curriculum

Choice of 2 curriculum tracks:  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) or Molecular and Cellular Biophysics

BIOC 631 Advanced Molecular biology – Genomes and Genome stability.
BIOC 700 Origins and Early Evolution of Life-very popular!
BIOC 701 In-depth discussion for incoming seminars. Network over lunch with speaker to explore their career and research.  Learn podcasting!
BIOC 702 Advanced Topics in Chromatin and Epigenetics
BIOC 706 Biochemistry of Human Disease—Learn the biochemical basis of many diseases with lectures and hands-on workshops.
BIOC 712 Scientific Writing. Learn how to write scientific proposals!
BIOC 715 Innovative approaches to learn outstanding speaking skills (This year students will work with a local comedy troop!)

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Funding opportunities

New one-time travel award to each student
You can affiliate with these T32 Training Grants or certificate programs while gaining a degree from our department:

Featured Fall 2019 courses for incoming BBSP Students – please click on Curriculum link below

Co-Directors of Graduate Studies: Dale Ramsden, PhD and Wolfgang Bergmeier, PhD
Student Services Specialist: Lisa Phillippie