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UNC Core Facilities

UNC has 74 core facilities! UNC Research Core Facilities are shared resources which offer a wide range of services to the research community, including cutting edge technologies, high end instrumentation, technical support, and education.

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Faculty Areas of Research

Cellular Biology

The Department of Cell Biology and Physiology conducts cutting-edge, innovative research that advances the discipline of cell biology and physiology, with an emphasis on topics that contribute to the improvement of human health. The UNC Department of Cell Biology and Physiology is nationally-recognized and ranked #2 in the country for Medical Research.

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Genetics & Molecular Biology

Genetics is both a discipline and an experimental approach (manipulation of genes or the genetic material). Today, most geneticists include work at the molecular level by manipulating RNA or DNA… or entire genomes. Our department is strong in both model organism genetics and genomics.

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Biophysical Studies

The Molecular & Cellular Biophysics training program is an NIH funded training program for quantitative and physical biology. The MCBP exists both to provide a flexible vehicle for training graduate students who share a passion for biophysics and to enhance the research and training community of its diverse group of faculty and students.

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The department has broad research strengths, but with particular emphasis in four areas: 1) chromatin biochemistry, DNA processes including replication, repair, recombination, remodeling and transcription; 2) cell signaling and cell cycle control, trafficking and retroviruses; 3) enzymology, protein biochemistry and biophysics and, 4) proteomic, structural and computational biology.

Our PIs collaborate across multiple disciplines: Cardiovascular Biology, Cell Signaling, Drug Discovery, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, Cancer Biology, Computational Biology, Drug Delivery, Genetics, Nanomedicine, Pathology, Physiology, Systems Biology, Chemical Biology, Plant Biology, Toxicology, Bioinformatics, Nanomedicine, X-ray Crystallography, Biomolecular NMR, Pharmacology Virology, Molecular Dynamics,  enzyme kinetics, Microscopy, translational medicine, and more.