Travel, Voucher, & Budget


Description & Instructions

PDF Document Mini Icon Travel Form for Chairs
  • Chairs should complete this form to get approval from the Dean prior to travel
Excel Document Mini Icon Travel Reimbursement Request Form
  • Complete this form for travel advances, such as registration payment and CAB requests, as well any reimbursements for travel expenses.
Excel Document Mini Icon Voucher Request Form
  • Supplemental form to process payment.  Can be used as a template when reimbursing for food or catering
PDF Document Mini Icon Correcting Voucher Journal Entry
  • Use this form to correct the account code on a voucher before changing additional chartfields on a Campus Journal Entry.
  • Completed forms can be sent to .
Excel Document Mini Icon CMCS Transfer Form
  • Complete this form to transfer funds to the Healthcare System
Excel Document Mini Icon Cost Share Template
  • This template can be used to calculate the cost share for a PI