2016-2017 Trainees

Asher Schranz, MD

Schranz AJ, Brady KA, Momplaisir F, Metlay JP, Yehia BR. Comparison of HIV Outcomes for Patients Linked at Hospital Versus Community-Based Clinics. (AIDS Patient Care and STDS, 2015).

Yehia BR, Schranz AJ, Umscheid CA, Lo Re V. The Treatment Cascade for People with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection in the United States: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. (PLOS One, 2014).

Yehia B, Schranz AJ, Momplasir F., Keller S, Gross R, Frank, I, Metlay JP, Brady KA. Outcomes for HIV-Infected Patients Receiving Care at Multiple HIV Clinics. AIDS and Behavior, 2014).

Yehia B, Agwu A, Schranz A, Korthuis P, Gaur A, Rutstein R, Sharp V, Spector S, Berry S, Gebo K. Delivery of Patient-Centered Care in Pediatric/Adolescent HIV Clinics. (AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 2013).

2015-2016 Trainees

Ross Boyce, MD, MSc

Boyce R, Reyes R, Shem B. The Health Centre Community. (Int. J. Epidemiol., 2016).

Boyce R, Reyes R, Mulogo E, Ntaro M, Matte M, Lin FC, Siedner, M. Practical implications of the non-linear relationship between test positivity rate and malaria incidence. (PLoS One, 2016).

Boyce, R, Mitton, J, Chu, J, Finn, K. South Sudan to Martha’s Vineyard: Malaria. (American Journal of Medicine, 2016).

Boyce, R, Rosch, R, Finlayson, A, Handuleh J, Walhad, S, Whitwell, S, Leather, A. The use of a bibliometric literature review to assess medical research capacity in post-conflict and developing countries: Somaliland 1991-2013. (Tropical Medicine & International Health, 2015).

Boyce, R, Reyes, R, Mulogo, E, Ntaro, M, Matte, M, Boum, Y, Siedner, M. Association between HRP-2/pLDH rapid diagnostic test band positivity and malaria-related anemia at a peripheral health facility in Western Uganda. (Journal of Global Health, 2015).

Boyce, R, Muiru, A, Reyes, R, Mulogo, E, Ntaro, M, Matte, M, Siedner, M. Impact of rapid diagnostic tests for the diagnosis and treatment of malaria at a peripheral health facility in Western Uganda: An interrupted time series analysis. (Malaria Journal, 2015). 

Boyce, R. The Forever War. (Annals of Internal Medicine, 2014).

Boyce, R, Lenhart, A, Kroeger, A, Velayudhan, R, Roberts, B, Horstick, O. Bacillus thurengiensis irsraelensis (Bti) for the control of Dengue vectors: systemic literature review. (Tropical Medicine & International Health, 2013).

2014-2015 Trainees

Matthew Collins, MD, PhD

Collins MH, Henderson AJ. Transcriptional regulation and T cell exhaustion. (Curr Opin HIV AIDS., 2014).

Thakarar K, Collins M, Kwong L, Sulis C, Korn C, Bhadelia N. The role of tissue plasminogen activator use and systemic hypercoagulability in central line-associated bloodstream infections. (Am J Infect Control., 2014).

Christopher Hauck, MD
Hauck, C, Frishman, WH. Systematic hypertension: the roles of salt, vascular Na+/K+ ATPase and the endogenous glycosides, ouabain and marinobufagenin. (Cardiol Rev., 2012).

Jonathan Parr, MD, MPH
Jenkins HE, Tolman AW, Yuen CM, Parr JB, Keshavjee S, Pérez-Vélez CM, Pagano M, Becerra MC, Cohen T. Incidence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis disease in children: systematic review and global estimates. (Lancet., 2014).

Parr JB, Mitnick CD, Atwood SS, Chalco K, Bayona J, Becerra MC. Concordance of resistance profiles in households of patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. (Clin Infect Dis., 2014).

Seible DM, Khatana SA, Solomon MP, Parr JB. Hoof beats may mean zebras: atraumatic splenic rupture. (Am J Med., 2013).

Yuen CM, Tolman AW, Cohen T, Parr JB, Keshavjee S, Becerra MC. Isoniazid-resistant tuberculosis in children: a systematic review. (Pediatr Infect Dis J., 2013).

Sancta St. Cyr, MD
St Cyr S, Nagpal A, Sohail MR. Shiga toxin producing E coli bloodstream infection secondary to Strongyloides penetration through intestinal mucosa. (BMJ Case Rep., 2013).

2013-2014 Trainees

Sara Williford, MD
Jabara CB, Hu F, Mollan KR, Williford SE, Menezes P, Yang Y, Eron JJ, Fried MW, Hudgens MG, Jones CD, Swanstrom R, Lemon SM. Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) NS3 sequence diversity and antiviral resistance-associated variant frequency in HCV/HIV coinfection. (Antimicrob Agents Chemother., 2014).


McGivern DR, Masaki T, Williford S, Ingravallo P, Feng Z, Lahser F, Asante-Appiah E, Neddermann P, De Francesco R, Howe AY, Lemon SM. Kinetic analyses reveal potent and early blockade of hepatitis C virus assembly by NS5A inhibitors. (Gastroenterology, 2014).


2012-2013 Trainees

Sophia Califano, MD
Lim MY, Alker AP, Califano S, Trembath DG, Alby K, Gilligan PH, Jamieson K, Serody JS, Shea TC. Concurrent Disseminated Nocardiosis and GI Mucormycosis in a Stem-Cell Transplantation Recipient. (J Clin Oncol., 2014).

Christopher Sellers, MD
Sellers CJ, Wohl DA. Antiretroviral therapy: when to start. (Infect Dis Clin North Am., 2014).

Hamela G, Kabondo C, Tembo T, Zimba C, Kamanga E, Mofolo I, Bulla B, Sellers C, Nakanga RC, Lee C, Martinson F, Hoffman I, van der Horst C, Hosseinipour MC.

Evaluating the benefits of incorporating traditional birth attendants in HIV prevention of mother to child transmission service delivery in Lilongwe, Malawi. (Afr J Reprod Health., 2014).

Andrea Shahum, MD,
Krcmery V, Sokolova J, Kulkova N, Liskova A, Shahum A, Benca G. Nasopharyngeal bacterial colonisation in HIV-positive children in Cambodia. (Trop Med Int Health., 2013).

Saniova B, Krkoska D, Taziarova M, Duris M, Kalavska A, Gulasova I, Shahum A, Krčméry V. Cerebral malaria complicated with coma, multiorgan failure and psychosocial sequellae observed among non-immune travelers to Benin, Sudan and Madagascar. (Neuro Endocrinol Lett., 2013).

Shahum G, Shahum A, Sladeckova V, Hardy M, Rabarova L, Benca GJ. The psychosocial conditions and intensified education that may affect school performance of HIV/AIDS orphaned children on antiretroviral drugs. (Neuro Endocrinol Lett., 2013).

2011-2012 Trainees

Michael Herce, MD, MPH
Herce ME, Elmore SN, Kalanga N, Keck JW, Wroe EB, Phiri A, Mayfield A, Chingoli F, Beste JA, Tengatenga L, Bazile J, Krakauer EL, Rigodon J. Assessing and responding to palliative care needs in rural sub-Saharan Africa: results from a model intervention and situation analysis in Malawi. (PLoS One., 2014).

Arthur Jackson, MBBCh, DTMH
Jarvis JN, Bicanic T, Loyse A, Namarika D, Jackson A, Nussbaum JC, Longley N, Muzoora C, Phulusa J, Taseera K, Kanyembe C, Wilson D, Hosseinipour MC, Brouwer AE, Limmathurotsakul D, White N, van der Horst C, Wood R, Meintjes G, Bradley J, Jaffar S, Harrison T. Determinants of mortality in a combined cohort of 501 patients with HIV-associated Cryptococcal meningitis: implications for improving outcomes. (Clin Infect Dis., 2014).

Anne Lachiewicz, MD, MPH
Weber DJ, van Duin D, DiBiase LM, Hultman CS, Jones SW, Lachiewicz AM, Sickbert-Bennett EE, Brooks RH, Cairns BA, Rutala WA. Healthcare-associated infections among patients in a large burn intensive care unit: incidence and pathogens, 2008-2012. (Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 2014).

van Duin D, Jones SW, Dibiase L, Schmits G, Lachiewicz A, Hultman CS, Rutala WA, Weber DJ, Cairns BA. Reduction in central line-associated bloodstream infections in patients with burns. (Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol., 2014).

Culton DA, Lachiewicz AM, Miller BA, Miller MB, Mackuen C, Groben P, White B, Cox GM, Stout JE. Nontuberculous mycobacterial infection after fractionated CO(2) laser resurfacing. (Emerg Infect Dis., 2013)

2010-2011 Trainees

Alisa Alker MD, PhD
Lim MY, Alker AP, Califano S, Trembath DG, Alby K, Gilligan PH, Jamieson K, Serody JS, Shea TC. Concurrent Disseminated Nocardiosis and GI Mucormycosis in a Stem-Cell Transplantation Recipient. (J Clin Oncol., 2014).

Wan XF, Carrel M, Long LP, Alker AP, Emch M. Perspective on emergence and re-emergence of amantadine resistant influenza A viruses in domestic animals in China. (Infect Genet Evol., 2013).

Natalie Bowman, MD, MPH
Bowman NM, Congdon S, Mvalo T, Patel JC, Escamilla V, Emch M, Martinson F, Hoffman I, Meshnick SR, Juliano JJ. Comparative population structure of Plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein NANP repeat lengths in Lilongwe, Malawi. (Sci Rep., 2013).

Christopher Lippincott, MD
van Hougenhouck-Tulleken WG, Papavarnavas NS, Nel JS, Blackburn LY, Govender NP, Spencer DC, Lippincott CK. HIV-associated disseminated emmonsiosis, Johannesburg, South Africa. (Emerg Infect Dis., 2014).

Lippincott CK, Miller MB, Popowitch EB, Hanrahan CF, Van Rie A.
Xpert MTB/RIF assay shortens airborne isolation for hospitalized patients with presumptive tuberculosis in the United States. (Clin Infect Dis., 2014).

Michael Vinikoor, MD
Mweemba A, Zanolini A, Mulenga L, Emge D, Chi BH, Wandeler G, Vinikoor MJ. Chronic hepatitis B virus coinfection is associated with renal impairment among Zambian HIV-infected adults. (Clin Infect Dis., 2014).

Vinikoor MJ, Joseph J, Mwale J, Marx MA, Goma FM, Mulenga LB, Stringer JS, Eron JJ, Chi BH. Age at antiretroviral therapy initiation predicts immune recovery, death, and loss to follow-up among HIV-infected adults in urban Zambia. (AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses., 2014).

Vinikoor MJ, Moyo C. Leveraging rapid implementation of an HIV treatment policy to reduce confounding in observational analysis of antiretroviral outcomes. (Trop Med Int Health, 2014).

Mulenga L, Musonda P, Mwango A, Vinikoor MJ, Davies MA, Mweemba A, Calmy A, Stringer JS, Keiser O, Chi BH, Wandeler G; IeDEA-Southern Africa.
Effect of baseline renal function on tenofovir-containing antiretroviral therapy outcomes in Zambia. (Clin Infect Dis., 2014).

Vinikoor MJ, Schuttner L, Moyo C, Li M, Musonda P, Hachaambwa LM, Stringer JS, Chi BH. Short communication: Late refills during the first year of antiretroviral therapy predict mortality and program failure among HIV-infected adults in urban Zambia. (AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses., 2014).

Brouwer ES, Napravnik S, Eron JJ Jr, Simpson RJ Jr, Brookhart MA, Stalzer B, Vinikoor M, Floris-Moore M, Stürmer T.
Validation of Medicaid Claims-based Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction Using an HIV Clinical Cohort. (Med Care., 2013).

Vinikoor MJ, Napravnik S, Floris-Moore M, Wilson S, Huang DY, Eron JJ. Incidence and clinical features of cerebrovascular disease among HIV-infected adults in the Southeastern United States. (AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses., 2013).

Vinikoor MJ, Zoghby J, Cohen KL, Tucker JD. Do all candidemic patients need an ophthalmic examination? (Int J Infect Dis., 2013).

Vinikoor MJ, Cope A, Gay CL, Ferrari G, McGee KS, Kuruc JD, Lennox JL, Margolis DM, Hicks CB, Eron JJ. Antiretroviral therapy initiated during acute HIV infection fails to prevent persistent T-cell activation. (J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr., 2013).

2009-2010 Trainees

Satish Gopal, MD, PhD
Gopal S, Fedoriw Y, Montgomery ND, Kampani C, Krysiak R, Sanders MK, Dittmer DP, Liomba NG. Multicentric Castleman's disease in Malawi. (Lancet, 2014).

Gopal S, Patel MR, Achenbach CJ, Yanik EL, Cole SR, Napravnik S, Burkholder GA, Mathews WC, Rodriguez B, Deeks SG, Mayer KH, Moore RD, Kitahata MM, Richards KL, Eron JJ. Lymphoma immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in the center for AIDS research network of integrated clinical systems cohort. (Clin Infect Dis., 2014).

Yanik EL, Napravnik S, Cole SR, Achenbach CJ, Gopal S, Dittmer DP, Olshan AF, Kitahata MM, Mugavero MJ, Saag M, Moore RD, Mathews WC, Hunt P, Eron JJ. Relationship of immunologic response to antiretroviral therapy with non-AIDS defining cancer incidence. (AIDS, 2014).

Gopal S, Achenbach CJ, Yanik EL, Dittmer DP, Eron JJ, Engels EA. Moving forward in HIV-associated cancer. (J Clin Oncol., 2014).

Achenbach CJ, Buchanan AL, Cole SR, Hou L, Mugavero MJ, Crane HM, Moore RD, Haubrich RH, Gopal S, Eron JJ, Hunt PW, Rodriguez B, Mayer K, Saag MS, Kitahata MM; Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR) Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS). HIV viremia and incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in patients successfully treated with antiretroviral therapy. (Clin Infect Dis., 2014).

Gopal S, Krysiak R, Liomba NG, Horner MJ, Shores CG, Alide N, Kamiza S, Kampani C, Chimzimu F, Fedoriw Y, Dittmer DP, Hosseinipour MC, Hoffman IF. Early experience after developing a pathology laboratory in Malawi, with emphasis on cancer diagnoses. (PLoS One, 2013).

Gopal S, Patel MR, Yanik EL, Cole SR, Achenbach CJ, Napravnik S, Burkholder GA, Reid EG, Rodriguez B, Deeks SG, Mayer KH, Moore RD, Kitahata MM, Eron JJ, Richards KL. Temporal trends in presentation and survival for HIV-associated lymphoma in the antiretroviral therapy era. (J Natl Cancer Inst., 2013).

Gopal S, Patel MR, Yanik EL, Cole SR, Achenbach CJ, Napravnik S, Burkholder GA, Reid EG, Rodriguez B, Deeks SG, Mayer KH, Moore RD, Kitahata MM, Richards KL, Eron JJ. Association of early HIV viremia with mortality after HIV-associated lymphoma. (AIDS, 2013).

Yanik EL, Napravnik S, Cole SR, Achenbach CJ, Gopal S, Olshan A, Dittmer DP, Kitahata MM, Mugavero MJ, Saag M, Moore RD, Mayer K, Mathews WC, Hunt PW, Rodriguez B, Eron JJ. Incidence and timing of cancer in HIV-infected individuals following initiation of combination antiretroviral therapy.
(Clin Infect Dis., 2013).

Gopal S, Krysiak R, Liomba G.
Building a pathology laboratory in Malawi. (Lancet Oncol., 2013).

Jessica Lin, MD

Lin JT, Saunders DL, Meshnick SR. The role of submicroscopic parasitemia in malaria transmission: what is the evidence? (Trends Parasitol., 2014).

Hobbs MM, Anderson JE, Balthazar JT, Kandler JL, Carlson RW, Ganguly J, Begum AA, Duncan JA, Lin JT, Sparling PF, Jerse AE, Shafer WM. Lipid A's structure mediates Neisseria gonorrhoeae fitness during experimental infection of mice and men. (MBio., 2013).

Givens MB, Lin JT, Lon C, Gosi P, Char MC, Lanteri CA, Saunders DL, Juliano JJ. Development of a capillary electrophoresis-based heteroduplex tracking assay to measure in-host genetic diversity of initial and recurrent Plasmodium vivax infections in Cambodia. (J Clin Microbiol., 2013).

Andrianaranjaka V, Lin JT, Golden C, Juliano JJ, Randrianarivelojosia M. Activation of minority-variant Plasmodium vivax hypnozoites following artesunate + amodiaquine treatment in a 23-year old man with relapsing malaria in Antananarivo, Madagascar. (Malar J., 2013).

Lin JT, Patel JC, Kharabora O, Sattabongkot J, Muth S, Ubalee R, Schuster AL, Rogers WO, Wongsrichanalai C, Juliano JJ. Plasmodium vivax isolates from Cambodia and Thailand show high genetic complexity and distinct patterns of P. vivax multidrug resistance gene 1 (pvmdr1) polymorphisms. (Am J Trop Med Hyg., 2013).

Lin JT, Mbewe B, Taylor SM, Luntamo M, Meshnick SR, Ashorn P. Increased prevalence of dhfr and dhps mutants at delivery in Malawian pregnant women receiving intermittent preventive treatment for malaria. (Trop Med Int Health., 2013).