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Michelle Floris-Moore Headshot

Michelle Floris-Moore, MD, MS

Affiliation with Program: Program Director

Area of Expertise: metabolic and cardiovascular complications of HIV

Time at UNC Chapel Hill: Since 2007

Jon Juliano Headshot

Jonathan Juliano, MD, MSPH

Affiliation with Program: Associate Program Director for Research Training

Area of Expertise: molecular parasitology and genetics; malaria and tropical medicine; global health

Time at UNC Chapel Hill: MSPH:1995-1997; MD:1997-2001; ID Fellowship: 2005-2008; Faculty: 2009-Present

Claire Farel, MD, MPH

Claire Farel, MD, MPH

Affiliation with Program: Infectious Diseases Clinic Director; Associate Program Director for Clinical Training

Area of Expertise: HIV prevention and outcomes in vulnerable populations

Time at UNC Chapel Hill: Since 2014

David van Duin headshot


David van Duin, MD, PhD

Affiliation with Program: Director, Immunocompromised Host Infectious Diseases Section

Area of Expertise: multi-drug resistant gram-negative bacterial infections, and infections in iatrogenic immunocompromised patients, such as solid organ transplant recipients, and hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients.

Time at UNC Chapel Hill: Since 2013

David Weber, MD, MPH

David Weber, MD

Affiliation with Program: Medical Director, Hospital Epidemiology

Area of Expertise: hospital-associated (nosocomial) infections especially antibiotic-resistant pathogens, surveillance, disinfection and sterilization, nosocomial pneumonia, hand hygiene, and outbreak investigations.

Time at UNC Chapel Hill: Since 1985


Emily Sickbert-Bennet, PHD, MS

Affiliation with Program: Director, UNC Medical Center Infection Prevention

Area of Expertise: infection prevention, hospital epidemiology and public health surveillance.

Time at UNC Chapel Hill: MS, 2002; PhD, 2010;

Nick Mavrogiorgos Headshot

Nick Mavrogiorgos, MD

Affiliation with Program: Director, Antimicrobial Stewardship

Area of Expertise: infections caused by MRSA, endocarditis, joint and bone infections, skin and soft tissue infections, hepatitis C virus and tuberculosis

Time at UNC Chapel Hill: Since 2018

Chris Sellers, MD, MPH

Affiliation with Program: Director, STI Rotation

Area of Expertise: HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well as tropical diseases.

Time at UNC Chapel Hill: MD, 2009; MPH, 2016; ID Fellowship: 2012-2014; Faculty 2014-Present

Anne Lachiewicz headshot

Anne Lachiewicz, MD, MPH

Affiliation with Program: Director, Immunocompromised Host Fellowship

Area of Expertise: infections in patients with solid organ and bone marrow transplant, leukemia, lymphoma, and burn injury

Time at UNC Chapel Hill: MPH:2006; MD:2008; Internal Medicine Residency: 2008-2011; ID Fellowship: 2011-2013; Faculty: 2013-Present