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The fellowship engages in a standing two year curriculum for the fellows, allowing each fellow to receive the necessary didactic teaching over the two clinical years of their fellowship prior to taking the board exam. The curriculum contains lectures given by the faculty (both division and non-division faculty), journal club and clinical case presentations. Note: These are internal conferences for ID Fellows only. We do not typically allow external audiences, but if there’s a specific reason to attend please contact ID Fellowship Program Coordinator.

Core Curriculum Lectures 2021-2022

Date Session Speaker
9/8/2021 ARV Resistance David Margolis
9/15/2021 Returned Traveler Jessica Lin
9/22/2021 Journal Club Eli Arant
9/29/2021 ID Week no conference
10/6/2021 Viral Hemorrhagic Fever David Wohl
10/13/2021 STIs Arlene Sena-Soberano
10/20/2021 Journal Club Madeline McCrary
10/27/2021 Infectious Complications of Burns Anne Lachiewicz
11/3/2021 Influenza Christopher Hurt
11/10/2021 Malaria Jessica Lin
11/17/2021 Journal Club Thomas Holowka
11/24/2021 No Conference (Thanksgiving)
12/1/2021 HIV Case Conference Michelle Floris-Moore
12/8/2021 Journal Club Diana Zychowski
12/15/2021 Joint Infections Nikolasos Mavrogiorgos
1/5/2022 Rashes associated with Infections Carolyn Ziemer
1/12/2022 Journal Club Sarah Rutstein
1/19/2022 Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance I Lindsey Daniels
1/26/2022 Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance II Lindsey Daniels

The third Thursday of each month is left open for the ICH conference with Duke. Please see their schedule for details.

Date Session Speaker
2/17/2022 UNC/Duke Joint Conference
2/24/2022 Encephalitis Christopher Sellers
3/3/2022 Journal Club Natalie Mackow
3/10/2022 Management of Bite Wounds Michelle Floris-Moore
3/17/2022 UNC/Duke Joint Conference
3/24/2022 Vaccines David Weber
3/31/2022 Stress Management Susannah Matthews
4/7/2022 Intra-Abdominal Infections Brian Bramson
4/14/2022 Journal Club Neha Kumar
4/21/2022 UNC/Duke Joint Conference
5/5/2022 Biothreats/Pandemics David Weber
5/12/2022 Journal Club Eleanor Saunders
5/19/2022 UNC/Duke Joint Conference
5/26/2022 Helminths Jessica Lin
6/2/2022 No Conference
6/9/2022 HIV Care for Transgender Patients Tonia Poteat
6/15/2022 UNC/Duke Joint Conference


Core Curriculum Lectures 2022-2023

Date Session Speaker
9/8/2022 Journal Club Thomas Holowka
9/22/2022 Funding Availability Kathryn Salisbury
9/29/2022 Fever of Unknown Origin Mary Catherine Bowman
10/6/2022 Tuberculosis Michael Herce
10/13/2022 Syphilis Joseph Tucker
10/20/2022 No Conference – ID Week
10/27/2022 Helminths II Jessica Lin
11/10/2022 Journal Club Stephanie Sweitzer
11/17/2022 DMARDs Tessa Andermann
11/24/2022 No Conference (Thanksgiving)
12/1/2022 Diseases that Mimic Infections Ann Dennis
12/8/2022 Journal Club Briana Castillo
12/15/2022 UNC/Duke Joint Conference

The third Thursday of each month is left open for the ICH conference with Duke. Please see their schedule for details.

Date Session Speaker
1/5/2023 Opportunistic Infections Part 1 Cindy Gay
1/12/2023 Journal Club Alex Commanday
1/19/2023 UNC/Duke Joint Conference
1/26/2023 HIV and Pregnancy Lisa Rahangdale
2/2/2023 No Conference
2/9/2023 Journal Club Eleanor Saunders
2/16/2023 Gram Negative Antimicrobials David van Duin
2/23/2023 No Conference – CROI
3/2/2023 Chest Radiology Mthu Kumar Sakthivel
3/9/2023 Journal Club Natalie Mackow
3/16/2023 UNC/Duke Joint Conference
3/23/2023 No Conference
3/30/2023 Monkeypox Chris Sellers
4/6/2023 Congenital Infections Tom Belhorn
4/13/2023 Journal Club Diana Zychowski
4/20/2023 Common Arboviral Infections Alena Markmann
4/27/2023 ICH: Non-CMV Viruses Anne Lachiewicz
5/4/2023 Allergic Reactions Scott Commins
5/11/2023 Journal Club John Franzone
5/18/2023 UNC/Duke Joint Conference
5/25/2023 Pneumonia (HAP and VAP) Michelle Floris-Moore
6/1/2023 Opportunistic Infections Part 2 Cindy Gay
6/8/2023 Journal Club
6/15/2023 UNC/Duke Joint Conference
6/22/2023 Non-COVID Respitoary Viral Infections Emily Ciccone