Rob Sellers


1. How do you manage to stay balanced and healthy in spite of the busy med school schedule?

I think it is extremely important to keep up those activities that defined you before you came to medical school (maybe just with a little less time commitment!). I make sure to spend time running, watching the Braves and Panthers, and taking the occasional road trip.

2. Why do you want to become an advocate and what three qualities will you bring to the job?

I truly love hearing about people’s different experiences and approaches to medical school and would love the opportunity to share what has helped me while continuing to learn from the new first years. I think my enthusiasm, uniqueness, and compassion would make me a pretty good advocate!

3. What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to an MS1 at the beginning of the year?

Take this year to focus on yourself, not the craziness going on around you. Find your own study methods, your own motivations, and your own philosophies on what level of achievement is good enough. You will hear lots of advice from different people, but try to sort out what you really need.

4. What is your favorite artery, organ, or nerve; and why?

All aspects of the limbic system (part of an organ, does that count?) because after 2 lectures, many exams, and countless hours of studying it, I still have absolutely no idea what it is.

5. Tell us your favorite joke (PG-13 max, please). Your answer may exceed 1 sentence.

I sometimes make up my own jokes (my friends and family hate them, but so what): What do you call a DVD that sleeps with a lot of other DVDs? A DVD player! Hahahahahaha

6. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

White Castle cheeseburgers in the freezer section at Harris Teeter (Not even kidding—don’t judge until you try them!)