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Medical students taking a tour of the UNC Family Medicine Center

The UNC-FMIG provides exploration and enrichment activities for medical students to highlight the need for primary care and the versatility of the specialty of family medicine. UNC has a nationally renowned program in family medicine and we provide a foundation for the students to interact and learn from the excellent family physicians and residents staff here. In addition we support community involvement activities in preventive medicine, medical skills enhancement, and leadership roles for students wishing to be involved in primary care. Furthermore we provide an opportunity to learn more about the opportunities available in the field of family medicine. By organizing various community projects, scheduling educational speakers, offering skill building sessions and attending conferences, our members acquire the qualities needed to become strong voices in policy and community leadership, as well as competent, compassionate physicians.

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For MS1 ONLY!  December 7 at noon in Bondurant G030. 

Summer opportunities in Family Medicine

Come hear from NCAFP and UNC Department of Family Medicine about clinical, research, and educational rotations & fellowships for your 2023 summer.



For MS2 ONLY!  December 7 at 6:00-7:30 pm in the Aycock Family Medicine Center Auditorium

Step Prep 



SAVE THE DATE!  NCAFP Family Medicine Day is February 17, 2024!

SHADOW in UNC Family Medicine Clinic – Contact Katie Jelen ( to schedule time with a resident or faculty in outpatient continuity clinic.

NCAFP Externship Program – The NCAFP Family Medicine Externship Program is a 4-week summer learning experience that exposes rising second-year medical students to the daily activities of family physicians

NCAFP Rural Experience in Family Medicine – Immerse Yourself in Rural and/or Underserved Health Care! NCAFP’s Rural Health Programs are (2)-week immersion experiences in rural family medicine in North Carolina.

NCAFP Student Leadership Elective – The goal of NCAFP’s Leadership Elective is to increase a student’s knowledge of organized medicine and its role in medical education, including programs designed specifically for medical students and residents.

NCAFP / AAFP Loans & Funding Programs – The North Carolina Academy provides a number of funding options to medical student members interested in family medicine.

Pisacano Leadership Foundation Scholarship – Students entering their fourth year of Medical School in the Fall of 2024. Application Deadline May 1, 2024.

For more resources and opportunities, select here. 

Student Leaders

Julia Wood

Stefani Aleman


Faculty Advisers

Victoria Boggiano, MD  FMIG Advisor

Nailah Adams Morancie, MD  Lead Career Goal Advisor


Kayla Thompson, MA  MSE Coordinator

Resident Liaisons

Caleb Smith, R2

Maniraj Jeyaraju, R2


If you have questions, comments, or would like to be on our e-mail list, please contact Kayla Bonnell