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The CGWEP is a HUB partner with Project ECHO® from the University of New Mexco, providing telementoring via Zoom where groups of healthcare professionals gather to problem solve using an “all-teach, all-learn” format. This is not a webinar. The point is to share tough cases and systems improvements. A short, 15-minute didactic kicks off the telementoring session, followed by questions and answers, with the bulk of time spent on case discussions. This is a forum to develop community with other providers and solve problems together!

The North Carolina COVID Action Network ( NC CAN) for NC Skilled Nursing Facilities is full. Email to join a cohort with another UNC department

This is an opportunity for your nursing home to join a weekly Zoom conference and connect with infectious disease experts and geriatricians at UNC to fight COVID-19.  Your team gets access to world class experts plus a $6,000 stipend from the federal CARES act once you complete the 16-week training.

This is not a webinar! Project ECHO provides collaborative problem solving and mentoring via a free weekly Zoom session. It is sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement along with Project ECHO from the University of New Mexico.

Space is limited to 33 nursing homes with only 2 registrants per facility. To qualify for the $6,000 stipend both registrants need to attend 13 of the 16 ECHO zoom sessions which are on Fridays starting 11/13/2020 from 11am to 12 pm.

Email if you have any questions.

Project ECHO® for Nursing Homes During COVID-19

As long term care facilities have been facing the brunt of COVID-19, the CGWEP along with AHEC partners are forming ECHOs across the state for nursing homes with these goals:

  1. Prevent COVID-19 from entering the nursing home.
  2. If COVID has breached the facility, stop the spread!
  3. Treat COVID patients in the nursing home; avoiding transfers to hospital whenever possible.
  4. Help reintegrate visitors safely to address social isolation, loneliness and depression.

Nursing homes will receive a $6,000 stipend for attending a 16-week ECHO and will be eligible to apply for additional federal CARES funds available for nursing homes who perform well in controlling COVID-19.

Evidence-based, standardized content is being provided by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Weekly Schedule each Thursday and Friday from 11-12:30  Topics Include:


COVID-19 Coronavirus PPE Audit Tool 8.7.20

Nov 26th and 27th NO ECHO meeting Thanksgiving

December 3rd and 4th Cohorting to prevent infection

December 10th and 11th Making the environment safer to prevent infection

December 17th and 18th  COVID-19 Vaccine (Note video addresses original topic of Cleaning and Disinfecting


Geriatrics Div_unc covid vaccines 11-13-20

December 24th and 25th NO ECHO meeting- Holiday

December 31st and January 1st NO ECHO meeting – Holiday

January 7th and 8th Testing for nursing homes

UNC mods Session 6_Presentation_C19 Testing (PPT) ECHO Page

January 14th and 15th Community transmission and screening strategies

Session 7_Presentation_Transmission & Screening (PPT)

January 21st and 22nd Staff returning to work safely

Session 8_Presentation_Returning to Work (PPT)

January 28th and 29th Interprofessional team management of mild cases

February 4th and 5th Advance care planning

February 11th and 12th Promoting safe transitions (admissions, transfers and discharges)

February 18th and 19th Promoting safe visitation

Protecting and Engaging Nursing Home Residents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Opinion We Are Going to Keep You Safe Even if it Kills Your Spirit

Breaking Social Isolation Amidst CV19 A Viewpoint on Improving Access to Technology in Long-Term Care Facilities

Caregiver Exp and Perception of HC System Caring for Elder Adults

February 25th and 26th How CNAs can support residents and families

March 4th and 5th Managing social isolation for residents and staff

March 11th and 12th Supporting emotional well being for staff caring for COVID patients

March 18th and 19th Effective leadership and communication

If you are a facility interested in getting access to experts in geriatrics, infectious diseases, and epidemiology to better care for your patients, email