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  1. Neurotensin and Dynorphin Bi-Directionally Modulates CeA Inhibition of oval BNST Neurons in Male Mice (in press at Neuropharmacology, authors are Catherine P Normandeau, Maria Luisa Torruella Suarez, Philippe Sarret, Zoe McElligott*, Eric C Dumont*, *co-senior author )
  2. Stress-induced alterations of norepinephrine release in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis of mice (in press at ACS Chemical Neuroscience, authors are Karl T Schmidt, Viren H Makhijani, Kristen M Boyt, Dipanwita Pati, Melanie M Pina, Isabel M Bravo, Jason LLocke, Sara R Jones, Joyce Besheer, Zoe A McElligott)