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ThurmanThe Ronald G. Thurman Lectureship Award was established by the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina to honor the scientific excellence of Dr. Thurman’s research and teaching. This award commemorates Ron’s life—not only for those of us who benefited in so many ways from knowing him—but also for the students and scientists who will follow in his path.

A distinguished researcher contributing to our knowledge of alcohol and liver function will receive the award. Awardees will be invited to visit the Center, present a lecture, and meet with our investigators to share knowledge and new ideas. A plaque recognizing Ron and listing the names of all awardees and donors hangs in the Center’s lobby.

The Ronald G. Thurman Lectureship Award will serve to generate excitement and focus greater attention on the vitally important research that was Ron’s passion. For more information on Ron’s life and the award, view the award brochure.

Award Recipients

2013 Sam Zakhari, PhD

2012 Ti King Li, M.D., Ph.D.

2009 John J Lemasters, MD, PhD

2007 Cindy Ehlers, PhD

2006 Yedy Israel, PhD

2005 Arthur I. Cederbaum, PhD

2004 David A. Brenner, MD


“Although his untimely death prevents Ron from pursuing the research he loved so dearly, his many students, protégés and collaborators will continue the work and inspire others to the standards of excellence that Ron not only met but demanded.” —Drs. John J. Lemasters and David A. Brenner

“Ron strongly believed in the Center’s mission to understand alcoholic pathology and develop ways to treat it. Our greatest tribute to Ron will be to make this happen.” —Dr. Fulton T. Crews

“With his untimely departure, Ron leaves a vacuum in the lives of many. I will always value and be affected by his mentoring. It was a privilege to know him and learn from him. I take it as a personal challenge to live up to his example.” — Dr. Gavin Arteel