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StaffThomas Costello, nominated by Robin Brennan: “[Thomas demonstrates] exceptional leadership within our administrative team. He has taken the reins in our endeavor to simplify the requests received by our team. His efforts in streamlining our processes promise to make these requests not only easier but also more efficient to fulfill. His proactive approach sets a great example for us all.”
TechAristeo Hernandez, nominated by Alex Levine: “Aristeo helped significantly with a difficult case on the 4th floor. Originally, I had asked for Aristeo’s help in getting blood from the blood bank. When he came back with blood the patient was coding from an unrelated issue. He immediately started helping by grabbing necessary items including ultrasounds, central line kits, and assisted in setting up a TEE on the 4th floor. The  patient had a good outcome and I really appreciated his hard work in a chaotic environment.”.
CRNAAubrey Tsao, nominated by Angela Robertson: “Aubrey had an extremely difficult ICU transport with pumps, manual ventilation and a large patient with multiple drips. She remained collected and helped garner support for safe transfer to the MICU – challenging case!”
Resident: Liz Willis, nominated by anonymous: “After finding out that a resident got home late from a conference, Liz came in early to set up for that resident’s case the next morning even though Liz was on another rotation. She always has a great attitude and finds ways to help wherever she can!”
FacultyEllen Flanagan, nominated by Andres Rojas:  “Ellen volunteered to do my last GI case so I could go home early. This was not the first time she has volunteered to help her fellow anesthesiologists. She frequently asks to finish cases or stay in PACU to look over the patients recovering so the other anesthesiologists can go home. Ellen is a great colleague and asset to the department!”