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A Round of Applause to UNC Anesthesiology’s April 2023 Star Heels!


STAFF: Jacqueline Mickelson (nominated by Lauren McKibben): “[Jax] works tirelessly to support the AIMS Research Division with purchasing, animal experiments and a great attitude. There is nothing she can’t do!”

TECH: Treva Romero (nominated by Lavinia Kolarczyk): “Set our team up for a successful resuscitation of a massive hemorrhage case in VIR.  He stayed to help run the Belmont, too.  Because of his help, we saved our patient’s life.  Thank you, Treva!”

CRNA: Deb McGrady and Catherine Mask (nominated by Lindsay Gouker): “Despite working in one of the most difficult environments, they always deliver amazing care, help out in a big way and stay late if needed. I cannot say enough good things about them and appreciate them both immensely.”

RESIDENT: Elise Clemens (nominated by Lavinia Kolarczyk): “Helped out in a HUGE way for an [ASA 5E] patient with an aorta-esophageal fistula who nearly hemorrhaged to death. Thank you, Elise!”

FACULTY: Kathleen Smith (nominated by Dana Wiener): “I want to thank Dr. Smith for a small act of kindness that made a big impact on me in [GIMM].  I had the last room running with a mentally and physically exhausting day of 13 UGIs, and Dr. Smith did my final prep.  I was in the previous case with a difficult airway and she came in to check on me and see if she could help.  She did a tiny but considerate thing; it showed her commitment to collegiality that I find so inspiring at UNC.”