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Congrats to UNC Anesthesiology’s December 2022 Star Heels!


Your dedication, talents, motivation, work ethic and selflessness do not go unnoticed …

Staff: Carmen Thorpe – Nominated for always being “prompt, cheerful and on point! She is very knowledgeable and has a ‘can-do’ attitude.”

Tech: Brooke Horner – Nominated (x2!) by Nicole Martin and Ashley Wicker for “always keeping the peds side afloat.  She is dependable, delivers what you need at a moment’s notice, and has a positive attitude regardless of staffing shortages or stressful situations.  She is the BEST!” She is a true gem and one of the hardest workers people I’ve ever met.  She goes above and beyond for all of us.  She knows so much and is truly the best.  Brightens my day to work with her.”

CRNA: Kaitlyn Bazemore – Nominated by Andres Rojas who wrote “she went out of her way to help a solo attending with a challenging dental patient”

Resident: Alnesha Banks – Nominated by Susie Martinelli, who wrote, “She was pulled from TEE to do an emergency heart case.  She then volunteered to stay late so her pre-call colleague could go home.  She had a positive attitude and provided amazing patient care”

Faculty: Lacey Straube – Nominated “For organizing an awesome Women in Anesthesia event!”