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Congrats to UNC Anesthesiology’s February 2023 Star Heels!



Staff: Starleana Holley (nominated by Dr. Teeter): “[Starr] always jumps in and helps with a task sent to the admin email list without hesitation. Thank you, Starr!”

Tech: Ana Jaimes-Ayala (nominated by Dr. Kolarczyk): “Assisting with MTP in the heart room, Ana recognized the need for updated tubing specific to cardiac Belmont set-up. She immediately notified surgical support services and we finally will be getting the supplies we need. Thank you, Ana!”

CRNA: Micah Seifert (nominated by Jessica Sylvester): “Micah came from Main to HS to help us in a pinch.  She jumped in, took over a room and never missed a beat.  She is an excellent CRNA and her strong skill set makes her an incredible asset.  Micah is kind and always has a smile on her face.”

Resident: Jacqueline Quinn (nominated by Damon Wallace): “Jacqueline is phenomenal to work with during night float.  She is an excellent team player, easy to work with and eager to help out and learn.  [As a CA-1], she handled several very long and challenging cases like she was a seasoned senior resident!”

Faculty: Tony Passannante (nominated by Dr. Ben Cobb): ”Dr. Passannante clinically covered for a sick faculty member [while also] covering our swing attending who was facilitating APD interviews last minute.  Thank you, Dr. Passannante, your efforts went above and beyond!”