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Congrats to UNC Anesthesiology’s January 2023 Star Heels!



Staff: Leanne Heilman (nominated by Dr. Teeter): “[Leanne] is endlessly patient and helpful with guiding faculty through the Concur system. Thank you!”

Tech: Jennifer Heron (nominated by Dr. Doyal): “She went above and beyond to make several trips to get supplies for a challenging case.  I am glad that she is on our team.”

CRNA: Tyler Smith (nominated by Dr. Isaak): “Tyler is extremely dependable and capable, no matter the situation. I know our patients are going to be well cared for.”

Resident: Arianna Cook (nominated by Dr. Martinelli): “[Arianna] stayed late not on call (and on her TTP rotation) to help me get our patient to the ICU.”

Faculty: Susie Martinelli (nominated by Damon Wallace): “[Dr. Martinelli] goes out of her way on busy days (even when she isn’t in the OR) to help with lunches.  It is a lifesaver while on swing, and it speaks volumes to how much she cares about the residents.”